What Are Differences Between Tablet And Notebook

Some people may think there are no difference between tablet PC and notebook. But actually, Apple iPad have created a new tablet market. There are no similar products before iPad. Microsoft also developed “Tablet PC”. But they are heavy because Microsoft is going to make it like a PC. Apple changed their mind to just make a simple handheld device.  And their idea gain the biggest success. What are the differences between tablet and notebook?

Differences about appearance

There are obvious differences between a notebook and tablet pc. Notebooks are always complex. Notebooks supply more ports, support more accessories. Most notebooks don’t support touch screen but tablets do. Tablets are always thinner.

Differences about weight

Almost all tablets weight no more than 1 Kg. 10 inch tablet weight between 600g and 900g.  7 inch tablet even more light. But most notebook weight more than 1 Kg. www.itgeeg.com

Volume difference between tablet and notebook

Most tablets use 7 inch or 10 inch screen. They are height less than 15mm, some tablet even less than 10mm. But notebooks are always thicker than tablet. Their thickness are mostly 20mm or more.

Input pattern difference

Tablet uses touch screen as the major input solution. They also use microphone as a secondary input solution. Most notebooks uses keyboard and mouse to get users command.

Operating environment difference

Tablet and Notebook are both design for mobile use. But tablet is thinner and lighter. Tablet can be used anywhere but notebook can’t. You usually need to put notebook on a desk or you knee. But you can use tablet on your hands.

Differences about function

Tablet focus on entertainment. You can browser websites, watch videos, read books or play games on tablet. But notebook is more than a joy devices. It can handle most daily work as well as games.

Though tablet won’t  threaten notebook in short time. But some hand held devices have been affected. MP4 and Digital Photo Frame almost died. We are going to see in the future that tablet will take over much notebook market share as the tablet becomes stronger.