Genius Scan: Smart Scan App on iOS

We sometimes use cellphone to record our notes, schedules or notepaper by photographing. But it may makes your pictures in a mess. Some of them need edit because you can’t see clearly what is written on a notepaper. And many pictures make it hard for you to find the exact picture. IT Geeg recommend you a new solution: GeniusScan.

GeniusScan is a free iOS solution to handle all those works you want to record a PDF file on your iPhone. GeniusScan let your scan files and automatically edit pictures in order to show them in a simple ways. It can auto find what is the point in a scanned picture and then cut it while delete others.


1. Genius Scan can automatically find the main point and then mark it with a orange frame. You can then fit the frame to suitable size to include content what you want.

2. Genius Scan can rotate picture and then delete blank edge.

You can click “Enchancement” to turn your picture to a black-white style which makes picture seems clearly. Users can save documents as PDF or share to friends with Twitter or Email.

Download Genius Scan for iPhone.