Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi Arrive at Best Buy

For those who are geek on tiny tablet, Samsung developed the Galaxy Tab 8.9. Geeker are able to book this new 8.9 inch tablet at Best Buy.

The unveiled Galaxy tab 8.9 is just a wifi version. The 16GB Tab 8.9 pricing is $469.99 and 32GB is $569.99.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 deployed a 8.9 inch multi-touch screen with a 1280×800 revolution which is almost the level a laptop have. It run on Google Android Honeycomb OS.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi version uses 1GHz dual core processor.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 carry a 3.0 mega camera on its back. It can be used to recording or photographing. And it also have a 2.0 mega front-side camera. This is most for video chat.

There are only 16GB and 32GB versions. However, rumors suggest, Samsung will release a 4 GB Galaxy Tab 8.9 next year.