Charge iPad Over a Standard USB on Any Computer

Apple’s iPad can’t be charged over your computer? There is a solution now.

As we know, iPad can just be charged when connected to Apple Mac. Parsimonious Apple restrict users charge iPad using other brand of computers. This strategy makes inconvenience. When we forget to bring the charger, you will be very worried about shutting off especially the time you using iPad handle some urgent work.

However, Asus noticed this inconvenience and quickly developed a free iPad charge driver: Ai Charger. With this driver, you can charge iPad over USB on any PCs. Whats more, the charge efficiency is very

Users need to set nothing after installed this driver on computer. This driver is versatile. It allows you charge iPad, iPhone and iPod on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Free download Ai Charger from here:

There are some evidence show that iPad can be charged by any PCs very slowly when its screen locked even if you haven’t install this driver. But the snail’s velocity will drive you crazy.

Here I should point out a rumor. Some people says frequently connected to PC for charging will sherten iPad’s life. It has no evidence support this. Even an Apple engineer told me it is just a jape. Apple’s power is very strong and you do not need to worry about its lifecycle.