iPad4.3.1 Jailbreak/Unlock

Playing games on iPad is not a cool thing since I updated iPad OS to iPad 4.2. However, iPad 4.3.1 added many quite great gesture functions makes me very excited. And I intend to use it. However, this OS is just authorized to iPad2. So I tried Google to find solutions to unlock it and find a solution for iPad jailbreak.

Backup files

Backup ‘SHSH’ file and other user data on iPad in order to avoid data losing. It is a simple thing to backup user data. Just connect iPad to computer and then click iPad logo in iTunes, then you will see backup choice.

Download basic softwares

1. Download iPad 4.3.1 from Apple here
2. Download unlock iPad software: redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc12

Reset iPad to Factory OS

Press ‘Shift’ on computer keybord and ‘Recovery’ icon in iTunes. Select iPad 4.3.1 to reset you iPad to Factory OS.

Power Off and Start Jailbreak Process

Keep connect between iPad and computer. Power off your iPad. Then Run redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc12. Click ‘Browser’ to select iPad 4.3.1 file. Wait until you see this picuture and then click ‘Next’.

You should check the ‘Install Cydia’ the first time to unlock iPad. If you are just update unlocked OS, uncheck anything.


Continue to Unlock iPad.

Press ‘Power’ button for 3 seconds after you see this picture. Wehn you see a white apple, press ‘Home’. Keep the status you pressing ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ for 10 second. Keep to press ‘Home’ button and release ‘Power’ button. If you get wrong, just repeat this step. www.itgeeg.com


Wait for a moment till you see many codes show on iPad. You then release ‘Home’ button. iPad will restart after a while.

Set Unlocked iPad

A minutes latter, iPad will restart. The RedSnow software will output ‘Done’. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the RedSnow application. Run Cydia on iPad. Cydia will update some files and then auto close. Run Cydia again and select ‘User’. Click ‘Finish’.


Add source: apt.178.com Install Appsync4.0-4.3.1 from 178 source.

Now your iPad is able to use iPad 4.3.1. Just enjoy it.