How To Use Deb File Install iPhone Apps

Deb file is a format under Linux. All the apps from Cydia are saved in this format. These files can be saved in iPhone and installed anytime. It’s also very easy to uninstall. And it don’t need specific authority. It’s more convenient than PXL on iPhone. So, how to use Deb installation files?

1. Firstly, use WinSCP or other file manager software to copy Deb file to iPhone. We use EndlessWalls.deb as example. Copy it to “var/mobile/Media” folder. Then open “Terminal”. We input “su” as there is a need of root access to install this app. Then input password “alpine” to get root access.


2. Then we need to enter the folder we placed the file EndlessWalls.deb. We placed it in “var/mobile/Media” folder. So we enter “cd /var/mobile/Media/”.


3. We use “ls” command to scan all files under this folder. We can see  EndlessWalls.deb like figure below.


4. Then input installation command “dpkg -i EndlessWalls.deb”. Then Terminal will alert you start installation and configuration.   The installation process should be very fast. Then exit and refresh desktop. All steps are finished on iPhone.


5. If you don’t want to leave the installation file on you iPhone, you can enter “dpkg -r EndlessWalls.deb” to delete it.


6. You can go to Cydia to uninstall apps. Just click “Packages”.


Then find “endlesswalls” in the list. Click “Remove” and the uninstalling will finish.