Mac OS X Lion Compatibility Review

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Compatibility of a system is some how important. You won’t want to update all your devices just because of changing a new OS.  So how about the Mac OS X Lion’s compatibility? The Mac OS X lion can run Microsoft Office or Windows. It support most printer or camera.

Want to turn to Mac after disgusted of PC?

You can move all your data from your PC to new Mac running OS X. The OS X even developed a Windows-to-Mac function to help you transfer documents, music, contact, calendar or email account ( Outlook or Windows Live Mail) and then put them in appropriate folders. There are even a Apple Genius will help your transfer data and recover your old PC if you registered as a “One to One” member.

Industrial standard


OS X support industrial standards. It is compatible of most websites and email. You can view most common file formats, like Office documents, PDF, TXT, MP3 or ZIP files.

Office on Mac

You can create Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents by using the Microsoft Office on Mac. These documents is also compatible to Windows Microsoft Office documents. You can open Office documents without any software on Mac.

Microsoft Exchange Server Support

Mac OS X line build in the support of Microsoft Exchange Server latest edition.

Support most camera, printer and mouses.


Almost any devices uses USB port or Bluetooth can run on Mac. You can even use mouse with right-hand button. All of these support don’t need any additional software.

How can Mac run Windows?


You may sometimes get some needs to run Windows software. Mac also taken this idea into consideration. They build a tool called “BootCamp” to let you install and run Windows system. After installed Boot Camp, you can select from OS X and Windows OS to start your Mac. If you need to run both Mac and Windows software at a same time, VMware or Parallels can help you.

Connect a PC via network


Use the “Finder” do not just let you scan files on you Mac but can let you find documents on Mac or PC. The “Finder” will display all shared files.