The famous Mac app website MacUpdate recently released its big spring deal. This deal includes 10 awesome apps and only sell for $49.99. Users save $568. This maybe your best time to get all fabulous apps in such a great price. This app bundle includes the famous virtual machine Parallels Desktop 8, the professional information manager DevonThink Pro  […]

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The new Retina MacBook Pro (MBP) seems perfect for most common users. Is the Retina worthy the cost you pay? Lets have a quick look at Retina MBP display specs. Retina MBP allows user to set resolution. Even you decrease the resolution to the same level of last year’s high-res panel MBP, the Retina display can makes the picture more […]

Apple release new Retina MBP on 2012 WWDC. Unlike the previous model, the Retina MBP makes many design changed. After tech geek teardown  the new Retina MacBook Pro, we get a conclusion that The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable. All these makes replacing components cost more. Retina MacBook Pro is the most Unfixable laptop. The retina MBP fused […]

The SD Card is developed by SanDisk, Toshiba and Panasonic. It is compact and slim but handles high volume content. There are many handheld devices uses SD Card for storage. We may delete data on SD Card after transferred them to our Mac or PC. Sometimes, we find it’s a mistake to delete all things on […]

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Last few days, ITGeeg had told you how to recover deleted files on android phone. You may find annoyed when you deleted useful data on your Android phones, so as on your Mac. How to recover data on Mac? It’s a simple question as there are many Mac file recovery solutions. We are here to give […]

Compatibility of a system is some how important. You won’t want to update all your devices just because of changing a new OS.  So how about the Mac OS X Lion’s compatibility? The Mac OS X lion can run Microsoft Office or Windows. It support most printer or camera. Want to turn to Mac after disgusted of […]

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Rumors show Apple  is ready to release its next generation MacBook Pro models some times next week. The upgrades will include 13, 15 and 17 inch model. The biggest improve lies in the CPU and Bluetooth. According to 9to5 Mac’s anonymous sources, the new MacBook Pros will adopt Intel Sandy Bridge 4 core processors. The four core […]

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You may care about software performances on a Mac. At this time, there is a idea monitor software for Mac if you are concerned with your RAM disk / CPU / GPU / hard disk / Process or Data Flow on your mac. The free software for Mac: atMonitor will help you handle all this […]

Apple is rushing on developing its low cost all-in-one computer iMac. This new iMac will focus on education market and batch consumers. In order to decrease cost, Apple used cheap CPU and small storage on this new iMac. It will use the last generation 3.1GHz dual core CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM storage and 250GB hard disk. […]

I once didn’t know how to check my Mac CPU speed info. Check CPU information on mac is not so easy as Windows. There are no software like CPU-Z for Windows. But I find a solution to see CPU info on Mac. We just need to have a administrator account to view CPU info on Mac. […]