3 Reason Say No to Retina MacBook Pro

Apple release new Retina MBP on 2012 WWDC. Unlike the previous model, the Retina MBP makes many design changed. After tech geek teardown  the new Retina MacBook Pro, we get a conclusion that The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable. All these makes replacing components cost more.

Retina MacBook Pro is the most Unfixable laptop. The retina MBP fused the display to the glass. This make it unable to change the LCD separately. The RAM is welded to mainboard which means it is impossible to update. The battery is attached to the shell. User need to pay $200 to send back the MBP to Apple for change a battery.

Since 2008, Apple released new Mac Air. In order to achieve the goal of being thinner, it sacrificed its performance. And the Air is Untenable. Now the Retina MBP is following the intent of Mac Air. However, the latest Mac Mini still have a easy-open back shell.

Apple is going to design more light and thinner laptops. There are many users just prefer a thinner laptop.  If we choose the Retina display over the existing MacBook Pro, the next generation of Mac laptops will likely be less repairable still. When that happens, we won’t be able to blame Apple. We’ll have to blame ourselves.