PC or iPad: which is better for online gaming?

Online gamings are something that more and more people in countries like the UK, America and Australia would name as one of their major leisure interests. Similarly the iPad device manufactured by Apple has grown to become one of the best-known and most popular mobile devices available and, given that this device allows its users to fulfil many of the functions of a PC – including playing online games – it is worth considering whether the iPad represents a preferable option for playing these games on than a PC, and if so – why.

Certainly one way in which the iPad is perhaps a better tool for playing these games on than a PC is simply that is generally a lot faster to set up. The iPad starts pretty much instantaneously, whereas with a PC you are often at the mercy of your internet connection speed, which can be frustrating when you are eager to start playing. There is also the fact that, unless you have a tablet PC, you will be restricted to gaming when you have access to your computer and connection, whereas using an iPad for online gaming gives you far greater flexibility when it comes to when and where you can play.

In the past, a major argument in favour of using PCs rather than mobile devices for online gaming was that the small screen displays on mobiles made the process harder and less enjoyable. This is less of an issue with the iPad, given that it boasts a screen far bigger than that of any other mobile device – and bigger than rival tablet devices in particular. It is obviously not as big as the screens on most laptops or home computers, but will provide more than enough size and resolution to ensure that users can appreciate the graphics and see what they are doing. Thus overall, it may be that the iPad is indeed the preferable option when it comes to online gaming.

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