10 Tips to Protect Phone Battery

extend cell phone battery service lifeYou may have found that some times your cell phone is quite good but its battery can not work. When you encounter this situation, it is to say you need to learn how to protect your cell phone battery to let it last long. IT Geeg give you 10 suggests to help you extend cell phone battery service life.

1. 3~5 fully charge and discharge to activate full usage of battery. Some of you may found that the stand by time is very short when you purchase a new cell phone. It’s true when you didn’t activate full capacity of the battery.

2. Ensure more than 14 hours charging time of the first 3~5 charge. The first 3~5 charge is very important to ensure the fully activity of lion. You need to make full use of the lion by activate them.

3. Fully charge the battery before use. Some charger may show a signal lamp to tell you the battery is fully charged. But some charger may show you this signal while the battery is on its 90% power. It’s better to fully charge the cell phone battery. www.itgeeg.com

4. Reduce quick charge times. Quick charge is not so good for your cell phone battery. Use common charge if you have enough time.

5. Use the original charger or big brand’s. Use a high quality charger is always the good idea to  extend cell phone battery service life.

6. Shut off cell phone when charging. The PCB will generate heat when charging. When you get a phone this time, the current peak may cause damage to your cell phone and battery.

7. Fully use the battery power before charge. A batter’s service life is always a nominal life calculated by charging times. Fully use the battery power before charge will decrease charging times and extend battery life.

8. Use dedicated socket for charging. Do not use the same socket with TV or other home appliances at the same time.

9. Don’t expose to extreme ambient. Make sure your cell phone battery works under suitable temperature. Extremely high or low temperature will cause battery lose efficacy.

10. Separate battery when you got a long time to leave cell phone.