TD-SCDMA BlackBerry Bold 9788 Review & Pictures

Sep 6, 2011, RIM released its first TD-SCDMA smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9788 in China. This is seem as a milestone between RIM and China Mobile. Since TD-SCDMA is a sole network standard developed by China Mobile, RIM’s action suggested their promise to expand the Chinese market.


The new TD-SCDMA BlackBerry Bold 9788 is very like BlackBerry 9780. It inherited most Blackberry features. The 9788 is also a high quality product. The QWERTY keyboard expressed the message that it is very suitable for business.

BlackBerry Bold 9788 picture

Surely, as BlackBerry Bold 9788 is designed for China Mobile, there are also some symbol from China Mobile. The “G3” symbol on its bottom is a evidence.

Cell Phone OS

BlackBerry Bold 9788 run on BlackBerry OS 6. BlackBerry 6 OS is the latest non touch screen supported OS. It’s much better than BlackBerry OS 5.

BlackBerry OS 6 improved browser performance. It can load page faster and support multi tab browse.  It also improved entertainment functions.

Hardware Configuration

BlackBerry Bold 9788 works fluently. This is mainly because of the powerful hardware. We know this new BlackBerry uses a 780MHz processor, which is better than 9780’s 624MHz processor. It adopted a 512MB RAM storage.


BlackBerry Bold 9788 deployed a 5.0 mega auto-focus camera with LED flash light. This is a high-level configuration for BlackBerry phone.

BB 9788

Pushmail & Messenger

Pushmail is a key services of all BlackBerry cell phones. We tested the pushmail function on Blackberry bold 9788 and found that the email will be sent within seconds.

9788 also have another great service: BBM (BlackBerry® Messenger). This is a Instant Messaging tools to let you contact with your friends.

On BlackBerry 9788, there are many other build-in apps. Surely, users can download new apps from App World though there are no many apps compared to iOS or Android.


The new 9788 blackberry phone is not so great on battery performance as other blackberry phones. Thought it uses 1500mAh lion battery, it can just last 2 days if your turn the 3G network on.


BlackBerry 9788 is a great smart phone. This is the first collaboration of BlackBerry and China Mobile. This will help BlackBerry to expand its business in China.