Milkmaid: Manage Your Milk Quality

The creative community Quirky worked with GE to build a project to encourage people sharing their idea about intelligentizing daily necessities.  People can vote to the products ideas which they thinks should be realizing. The most voted products will be turned into production. Finally, the idea from Stephanie Burns won this vote. She designed a smart Milk Jug. This milk jug will tell you when the milk go bad.

Now we see the idea has become true. Engineers and designers from Quirky made it the Milkmaid. Then you can use this smart milk jug to control your milk quality other than smell or taste it.

This milk jug is very concise. The upper part is build by a glass bottle. The bottom part is a white base. The jug volume is 1 quart. There are temperature sensor and pH sensor build into to glass bottle. When it placed to the white base, the sensors will tell you the temperature and pH to let you monitor the milk quality. The Milkmaid is able to sense if your milk is spoiled as well as how soon it will spoil by using pH sensors.

There are 4 green indicator light on the white base. When the milk going bad, the green light will extinguish one by one. The case has a build in antenna, SIM card slot and lithium cell. It will send message to users to show the milk status after you inserted SIM card.

Quirky is going to design a phone app to receive the milk quality data from Milkmaid. This app will show the milk temperature, pH value and tell you how many cups of milk you have left.

No Quirky is still investigating how many people is going to purchase this product and how much it should be priced.

Milkmaid is actually an intelligent jug. It is designed to improve people’s daily life, especially for those who loves milk. I think I’ll pay $50 for this product.