Backup data on off-site storage is important


When you use a data archiving system, one of the most important things to think about is an off-site storage system for backup copies. For example, you could use a remote cloud server, giving you the ability to access your files from almost anywhere. This is highly beneficial if you have to travel often when you work, but it also gives you the extra protection and security that you need.

You see, on-site storage is not as safe as you may want to believe. If everything is stored on a server, what will you do if that server crashes and all of the data is lost. Even if the data is held on disks in two different parts of your building, is it really that safe in the event of a fire? You always need to look at the worst case scenario and think about what you would do if it really happened. When you do this, you can then take steps to prepare yourself for an uncertain future.

Off-site storage should be combined with on-site storage so that you can always know that one copy of the information will be safe. The odds that two servers in two different locations are going to crash at the same time is very small. The same goes for fires, floods, and other natural disasters. With your data spread out like this, you can always get it back after something goes wrong, meaning that you only lost physical items that can be replaced.