Over the last 2 to 3 decades, technology has become an important part of our daily lives, to the point where it has taken over our lives. For a minute, stop reading this post and look around you. What do you observe? Do you see tech, mobiles, gadgets, computers, tablets? Notice how our lives are […]

Today’s World is full of Big Data, Big Data & Big Data. From Internet to Every Organization, Everything is working on Big Data Applications. So here are the 5 awesome things you will learn in Big Data Learning-  Optimize Your Business Operations – Every Business is so Important and there should be force which must […]

solar technology

Going off the grid. It sounds so scary and rugged. And yet, improvements to solar cell efficiency, storage systems, and power monitoring are making stand-alone gridless solar systems look less like the ramblings of your paranoid neighbor and more like the next wave of the future, as solar technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed. […]

3D printing dental prosthesis

3D printing technology, not only makes it easier to build things, it also makes it possible to product many new things when traditional manufacture process can not do. Thus, it push many field in a new revolution. This include the revolution in material. Many people likes candy, especially kids or female adults. For kids, they […]

make money online

The Internet is with no doubt the largest network that traverses the entire world. It is used for communications both within businesses and to the outside world. There are still many other subsets of the Internet such as intranets and extranets at the organizational level, which also provide an ideal communication platform within the business. […]


The term virtual reality, coined by Antonin Artaud in 1938, now commonly refers to interactive, realistic simulations of environments generated by computer software and hardware. Although most virtual reality systems today are restricted to visual and audio representation, future advancements in neural mapping and nanotechnology may allow for fully-immersive virtual realms within the next thir

I’m absolutely obsessed with home automation; I began working on my home automation around a year ago. It started with just simple and generic plugs that could be powered on through my network at home. It was fairly expensive to purchase but once I had them setup in one room I was hooked! when jumping […]

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is one of the most powerful antivirus solutions, which protects your machine from all cyber threats and guarantees safe browsing. The important features of this software include: Officially Recognized and Voted as Best internet Security Product of the year by several publications Received Gold Award for Fastest System Speed from German […]

Japan Thinks Your Next Smartphone Could Be a Robot

When it comes to the latest gadget news, Japan seems to be running ahead of the world and has been there for some time now. But what exactly does the country have that the rest of us don’t? Well, it looks like Japan is not afraid to get up, close and personal with their technology. […]

Monitoring a business or your home can help ensure that no one tries to enter the premises. If someone does try to get inside, then the equipment used can help in identifying the person so that the person can be arrested. Cameras are the most common thing to use when adding a surveillance system. There […]