iPhone 6s randomly shut off

iPhone 6sThe most annoy bug to a mobile system should be randomly shut off. Even iPhones are amazing devices, every model has some bugs. And the newest released iPhone 6s seems to have the the same issue found in previous models.

In apple support communities and social media, some of iPhone 6s users say their iPhone 6s will turn itself off completely. And this is not a result of battery low.

These iPhone 6s owners said that their devices will shut down even they just charged the battery to 100% full. After the issue turns off the phone, the only solution they found is to restart the OS by hold the power and home button down for 10 seconds. Though it won’t happen too often, it is really frustrating.

Technician explained that iPhone 6s shut off randomly should be some bug in the system or apps. Most reported issue happened with iOS 9.0.1. Apple has released iOS 9.0.2 to fix some bugs. So the suggest user upgrade system to iOS 9.0.2. However, we can not find any word in iOS 9.0.2 change logs showing this update will have any affect with ‘randomly turn off’ issue.

Ever new cell phone will reported with some bugs or errors. These issues can mostly be accepted. Before Apple officially make improvements to fix this issue, just enjoy yourself.