The Most Common Laptop Problems Everybody Should Be Aware Of

computer problemsThere are a few things that may cause you problems when you buy a laptop. Like most things, the problems range from silly little annoyances, to outright frustrating problems. If you are considering buying a laptop, you should have a look at this list and consider the points carefully before buying.

The keyboard is more likely to get dirty

This is a fact that is true of all laptops. The keyboard is going to get dirty and have grime wedged in the gaps between the keys. That is why many laptop keyboards look different from the ones used with desktop computers. Laptop keys often have very small gaps between the keys so that as little dirt as possible can find its way underneath.

It may overheat if it is on your lap

This is true of all modern laptops. Ironically, contrary to their name, they are not supposed to sit on your lap. You can use them on your lap for a while, but you will notice that it gets hotter and hotter the longer you use it.

It is harder to de-fragment in some cases

Some of them are simply harder to de-fragment. Some will only allow a partial de-fragmentation after the hard drive has been filled half way.

Once the keyboard is worn out it is harder to replace

If you use your laptop for typing then it is harder to replace the keyboard when the keys start to stick, or stop working correctly. You can take your laptop to a repair shop for them to replace the keyboard, but this is not as simple as stopping at your local superstore and buying a keyboard, as you may do with a desktop computer.

The screen needs cleaning more often than with a desktop computer

Again, because you are using your laptop on the go, it is more likely to get dirty and greasy. Therefore, you will have to clean it more often.

Have you bought an electronic typewriter to play games?

The specifications for laptops vary wildly. Some are optimized for great performance, and others are optimized for data storage. You need to make sure that if you have bought your laptop to play games that it has the correct specification graphics card and sound card for you to play them. If you are looking to play games then you are better off buying a desktop computer, as they are more powerful and easier to upgrade.

The battery life may be a problem

When you first buy your laptop, you should follow the battery instructions to make sure your battery lasts as long as possible. You should also take good care of your battery as you use your laptop. There are rules on over charging, etc. If you do not take good care of your laptop, then the battery life will end up running out quicker and quicker over time.

Laptops are notoriously hard to upgrade

They are not impossible to upgrade, but a repair shop will charge you more for upgrading your laptop than they will for upgrading a desktop computer. If you are lucky, then any replacement upgrade parts are the same shape and size of the old ones.

Most laptops are partially shockproof

A laptop is not designed to be dropped or knocked. Many modern and well-built laptops will have some form of shock protection, but at the end of the day, they were not designed to be knocked and dropped. The idea of a laptop is to carry it around with you. This means there is always a chance that it may be knocked or dropped, which may result in you having to buy a new one (or have your damaged one repaired if possible).

Very few laptops are waterproof

The same rules for water as apply for bumps and drops. Your laptop is more of a mobile device, which means it is more likely to get wet due to rainwater or you spilling things on it. If this happens then your laptop could be ruined. This sort of thing is unlikely to happen with a desktop computer, since the only damage they tend to take is if someone spills something on the keyboard (which is easily replaced).