Game: Smurf’s Village for iPad

The 2011 film “The Smurf” in 3d makes many smurf fan excited. It also makes related games appeared in the hottest games ranks. Let’s go to see this iPad game “Smurf’s Village”.

In the game Smurf’s Village, you need to construct your own farm. You need to open farmland, plant foods, gather in the crops and then sell your good to make money and gain experience to construct your village. There are many construction games like it. But Smurf’s Village is different. There is a smurf “population” limit. Only the spare smurf can execute your command.

On the top-left, you will see the information of your village level, experience and spare smurfs.

Finish tasks can bring you experiences.

During the game, you will see some “Mini Game” tasks. The first “Mini Game” is a pman mixture task in LV3. In this “Mini Game”, you need to shake your iPhone or iPad until you see the progress bar increased to the required position. There is a time limit show on the right-top.

There are some playing strategy for Smurf’s Village on the Internet. But I recommend you not referring to them for the reason of you are just enjoying yourself not compete with others.

You can download Smurf’s Village here.