Magic Cube: Laser Projection Keyboard for iOS/Android

Magic Cube is a cool laser projection keyboard for iPhone & Android.  It can project a full-size virtual keyboard on nearly any flat surface. Like a scene in a science fiction film? It’s true. Let’s have a look at it.

The Magic Cube is very light and portable. You can use just one hand to hold it because of it’s shape 90mm*34mm*24 mm.

Magic Cube support Android and iOS mobile devices. It use bluetooth to connect to iPhone, iPad or other devices.

Magic Cube can project a 240*100mm keyboard. It just weight 78g makes it portable for taking. It used a lion battery and is very power saving.  You can just use a USB cable for charging. It also have a virtual multi-touch mouse mode.

You can now get the Magic Cube for your cool iPad or iPhone with price of $169.99 from Amazon.