SolarTab: the premium solar charger

If you have used any solar charger, you should know it is hard to charge you iPhone or iPad. Even put your solar charger under sunshine, it can’t always performs well to charge your devices. Most devices using USB ports for charging need a stable 5W power source, or 5V and 1A output source. But what about when the sun goes behind a cloud? Or at night? Then the solar charge may can not generate enough power. So it will fail to charge.solartab

So, how to solve this kind of problem? The SolarTab is the answer. SolarTab is a powerful solar charger. It packs a massive 13000mAh battery. That means, when solar power is not enough, the packed battery can charge you devices. With USBA to USB-C cable, the SolarTab can even charge your MacBook.

coverWith a packed battery, the SolarTab looks just like a iPad. It even have an aluminium frame. Measuring 9.7in x 7.6in, it has a much bigger surface area than other solar chargers – enough to charge multiple devices from its two USB ports, using a 5WP solar panel. It comes with a own version cover. So you can set it on wet surface. It can also blend into a triangle to support SolarTab to make sure it face the sun. When it works in dark, you can charge the battery with microUSB.

The SolarTab is currently sold for $117 on Amazon.