If you have used any solar charger, you should know it is hard to charge you iPhone or iPad. Even put your solar charger under sunshine, it can’t always performs well to charge your devices. Most devices using USB ports for charging need a stable 5W power source, or 5V and 1A output source. But what […]

Almost every people will take electric devices with them when go to trip. However, with more and more powerful performance, most of our mobile devices can not work much time without charging. So the backup external battery is been created. But the backup battery is still not a perfect solution if you got a long […]

Most of us always on the move with our iPhone/iPad (sometimes Andriod phone) and have used several “pocket chargers” over the years. The drawback has always been that they come with multiple cables and are too big. The quick change universal dock adapter USB mini cable may help us out a little. Today, we will see a more aggressive […]

While smart phones may offer their users a multitude of attractive features, they still have one big drawback: the battery life. Previously, it was common to recharge a standard cell phone once every two or three days. But with smart phones that constantly run several applications in the background and function more like small computers […]

We are happy to find this Dexim wireless charger. It’s designed for iPhone4. The pretty appearance with practical function have make it popular worldwide. Now I’d like to point my review on this fancy wireless charger base. Advanced Features The world’s #1 iPhone4 wireless charger brand Charge 2 devices wireless at the same time Safe […]

Apple’s iPhone is absolute geekers’ must. Its beautiful appearance and rich applications makes most people addicted to. But rich applications also make its power consumption extremely high. When you are outdoor, a wind charger for iPhone will be a good solution. Today, I found a wind charger for iPhone. This small wind charger is combined with helical runner and […]