Weight & Size? The comparison between KSP 8000 and Motorola XT910

We often noticed some cell phone advertise to introduce how large their screen is. But the question is that do you really need a huge screen? Which screen size & phone weight is the best criterion?

Now I selected two cell photo to make a weight & size comparison to get our conclusion:

  • Kyocera KSP8000:  17.2mm thickness, 193 gram
  • Motorola RAZR XT910: 7.1mm thickness, 130 gram

The  handle feeling

This week I tested these two cell phone in Home, Car, Public Places or Bus. I got a simple conclusion: the KSP8000 let you feel more safe is you are in anthill. But the XT910 provides a better feeling is you stay alone.

Why I got this conclusion? The XT910 have a 69mm width, which makes it hard to touch the full screen by just one hand. And, as we can’t hold the whole phone, there is a high risk to drop you XT910. So, it’s the reason why you will feel more safe when you are using KSP 8000 in anthill.

Virtual keyboard

For Android, bigger screen is better for virtual keyboard. The width of Kyocera KSP 8000 is 56.5 mm. This size will limit thumb’s  moving.

The Shift and “123”  button is hard to be clicked. So I would open the dual screen mode to input text. But dual screen mode will consume more power.

In contract, the XT910 provides the best inputting experience among Android phones. It is suitable for both hands operation.

Put into trouser pocket

Though we heard many advice to not put the cell phone into our trouser pocket, I still like to put it in my pocket. Both the KSP8000 and XT910 are not suitable to be putted into trouser pocket.

As the XT910 is very thin, I always worry about the XT910 will get broken when I sit down or stand up. The KSP 800o seems stronger. But I don’t like my pocket too thick after put my KSP 8000 in it.

Ideal cell phone size

After tested many cell phones, I got a conclusion about what size is perfect for a smartphone. I think the 4 inch screen, 62mm width is a best solution. Hope the next iPhone can reach this target.