The next generation Quicktake

In 1994, Apple produced the first Consumer Grade digital camera: QuickTake. This 30W pixels & 1MB RAM camera became the first digital camera for many common people.

There are more and more people using Apple products, like iPad, iPhone or Mac. This is because we like Apple’s design. The Apple design has become the trends. How will you think is Apple release a new digital camera? Though Tim Cook don’t want to do that, there are people like to provide their ideas.

A famous concept designer Joseph Dumary released his new design of QuickTake. ( Joseph once developed XBOX and PS 4 concept pictures.)

Designer Joseph announce that the Quicktake will be the first “intelligent” digital camera. It will have some great features:

  • Glass and aluminum alloy shell
  • 32 MP camera, dual flash lamp
  • Long battery life
  • Voice control system
  • Rotation Retina HD screen
  • Support 1080P video recording
  • The 30 pins port from Apple and wireless supported

Quicktake idea from Joseph is pretty good. This is a amazing innovation. His idea changed people’s common understand of camera. It combines the iOS with camera. The rotation screen is also a very interesting idea. The quiestion is that the product is not so much like a “Apple” product.

But Apple have has its own digital camera: iPhone. The iPhone’s camera can meet most people’s require and it has got a big market. And the Quicktake from Joseph have some shortcomings. For example, the camera is very powerful. Does common users need such a powerful camera? The higher photo quality will cost more disk and need faster storage.

Since Apple released their first digital camera years ago, media didn’t stop the debate and guess about the next generation Quicktake. Many freelance designers created their “Quicktake” ideas. Maybe Apple can get inspiration from these good ideas.