Camera: iPhone 4S VS Canon 5d MKII

With the specification upgrade of mobile devices, people are more likely to take photo with their smartphone. Apple iPhone is the most popular camera replacement. Data from Flickr have proved these phenomenon. Now let ITGeeg take a comparison between iPhone 4S and Canon 5d MKII.

First, we do some basic setting to make the comparison more fair.

iPhone 4S: Ban the auto exposure and auto focus function

Canon 5D MKII: Canon 50mm 1.4 shot, ISO 160 ~ 640, F 7~22, 1/60th, standard model and 1080p 30.

Look at these pictures taken by iPhone 4S and Canon 5d MKII. The picture quality of iPhone 4S is pretty good.

The micro F2.4 aperture shot on iPhone 4S is quite great. Due to the powerful processor, iPhone 4S can make a better camera performance.

But you can still feel the picture lack of third dimension effect. And pictures taken by iPhone4S have  unnatural contrast and saturation level.

The Canon 5D MKII is about 2.5 times expensive than iPhone 4S. So, when compared to price, iPhone 4S is still a good choice.

And the portable character makes iPhone 4S more convenient for those who don’t cares about picture quality too much.