Great iPhone Apps for Students

If you’re a college student, you understand how hectic your schedule can be. Whether you’re enrolled in an online university, a community college, or a state school, juggling class schedules, assignments, and your other daily responsibilities such as work, can get a bit chaotic. Thankfully, you can now use your iPhone to help manage your schedule and keep track of all of your academic related duties. You can also save some money in the process:

Chegg – Like any college student, you’re probably on a strict budget that results in mac and cheese for dinner almost every night. One of the biggest problems you will encounter is how to pay for all of your college costs, including text books. Each semester, a college student has to buy different books for their classes and this can really add up in costs. This is why it’s so important to download the Chegg app. This app is designed for saving you money and helps you rent textbooks. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying a book for each class. Simply browse through the millions of titles or scan the book’s barcode and look it up that way. After you’re finished with the book, you can return it.

Grades 2 – In order to receive a great job after college, students need to make excellent grades. Grades 2 is an app that shows you what grades you ought to get on upcoming assignments in each of your classes to help you achieve the grades that you want. It also features a “road-map to an A” for those of you who want to pull straight A’s.

myHomework – After a long day full of classes and a part-time job, the last thing any college student wants to do is to sit down and work on class assignments at home. It can also be difficult remembering all of the papers, reports and presentations that are due for each class. Think of the myHomework app as your own personal pocket secretary to help you keep all of your assignments in order. This handy app enables users to track due dates, class schedules, and other reminders. It brings order to a chaotic world.

In a life dictated by computer classes, assignments, jobs, and your social life, iPhone apps that help you keep track of all of your duties can be a godsend. Be sure to download these apps if you want to pass through your college years with flying colors.