BlackBerry Priv: an Amazing Android smartphone

BlackBerry has lost most market. After years struggling on it’s BlackBerry 10 OS, it is still a joke and never helped RIM. However, BlackBerry is far from dead. Recently released BlackBerry Priv has shocked the market. Actually, BlackBerry moved all BlackBerry 10 advantages to an Android phone. It has many amazing feature.

Battery Endurance

Almost every user will keep an eye on battery endurance data when they make decision to choose a new smartphone. Manufactures and sells advertise that how their products making progress on this issue, like fast charging or power saving model. But people still want to use their cellphone in high performance other than save power in low performance model.blackberry priv 1

BlackBerry Priv knows users demands. It have a huge 3410mAh battery to solve this problem. In comparatively,  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge uses 2600mAh battery, HTC One M9 uses 2840mAh battery, LG G4 uses 3000mAh battery and iPhone 6S Plus uses 2915mAh battery. Thus, the BlackBerry battery can last longer. RIM announced that BlackBerry Priv battery can support 22.5 hours usage.

Curved edge screen

The second exciting feature is the curved edge screen. It’s similar to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 Edge. Many users are excited with Samsung Edge’s screen even they uses iPhone 6 or LG G4. Now BlackBerry Priv uses the same beautiful frameless screen. What’s more, the side surface have function.blackberry priv dual curve edge display

Touch-Sensitive Keyboard

The fantastic BlackBerry keyboard is the most remarkable feature we missing at times. For the Priv, BlackBerry has brought over their touuch-sensitive keyboard from the BlackBerry Passport. It allows you to navigate through pages, app screens and more just with a slide of your finger across the keys. You don’t even need to touch the screen.blackberry priv tough sensative keyboard


When talking about Android, we always think it is not safe. However, BlackBerry is a company focus on protecting pravacy and security.BlackBerry has added their own security suite of apps to the Priv, known as BlackBerry Safeguard. It is a combination of Picture Password, Password Keeper, BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry is not the only one to secure Android with self developed apps. Blackphone 2 or Samsung’s Knox did the same effort. But BlackBerry is famous for its safty in ealy years. We have confidence that the Priv will keep user from most attacks.

Specs & Performance

  1. Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  2. RAM and Storage – 3GB of RAM, 32GB Expandable Storage
  3. Display – 5.4-Inch, 2560×1440, 540ppi
  4. Camera – Rear: 18MP, Fast Focus, OIS, 4K video capable. Front: 5MP HD.
  5. Battery – 3410 mAh
  6. Dimensions – 147 (184 opened) x 77.2 x 9.4 mm

More features you can see this page.

There are many more amazing features. With beautiful design, long last battery, additional security feature and an Android OS, the BlackBerry Priv will be a great Android smartphone.blackberry priv 4