Japan’s Cerevo unveils Hackey network switch

When many smart devices entered our daily life, they changed our life. Most smart devices uses Wifi or bluetooth to communicate with each other. Thus, it will caused many problems. The most serious issue should be cracked by malicious hacker. They may do bad things to you. News shows there is a hacker entered users network through a smart kettle. cerevo hackey

Why smart devices can be easily hacked? This is because many devices, unlike your cellphone or PCs, they get a quite simple operation system. These systems can not even install a firewall to stop attack. So, it will be a weakness point for hackers to enter your network.

In order to solve this problem, Tokyo-based Cerevo, the Japanese startup behind a variety of smart consumer electronics devices, unveiled a smart key switch called Hackey. It will set up a firewall for your smart devices to defense attack. It can control all devices which uses Wifi connecting to network.

When you don’t need them connecting to network, just turn off the Hackey. Just like lock the door when you left home. Just keep your key in a safe place, and it becomes difficult for hackers to enter your network. It is compatible with IFTTT and allows users to control various internet services via API by turning the key.

The product is available for $82 on their website. And they have started a campaign on Indiegogo where you can pre-order it for $59.