AMD is Planning to Release 10 Core CPU in 2012

While time is running down on 2011 being the year of Bulldozer, AMD is looking to next year to be the year of Piledriver.

AMD will release new CPU called “Bulldozer” this year. And a product road map from AMD shows a advanced edition of “Bulldozer” is being developed. The will release this new 10 core CPU. The new product is believed to be named with “Piledriver”.

“Piledriver” will be the foundation of new “Virgo” and “Corona” platform.

Top level Corona platform will be build with “Komodo” CPU. It will include 10 Piledriver CPU core.

Middle level Virgo will be 4 core CPU. It will use AMD Turbo 3.0. (The Bulldozer use Turbo 2.0). It also require the new FM2 socket.

On the low end, the Brazos platform will updated to Deccan platform centered around the new Trinity APU. The CPU is 4 core Bobcat, double the max Brazos offered.

10 core CPU arrival is still to be determined. Still we don’t have a clear result on how much will the Piledriver  actually improve the processor’s performance.

I believe your will have the chance to build a 10-core system sometime next year 2012.