Cheapest Android Tablet PC: Andy Pad Pro

We have saw the low cost Android tablet Andy Pad from England. It’s a 7″ tablet sells for just 129 pounds. However, it carries powerful tools. The Andy Pad project’s Pro version: Andy Pad Pro will coming soon with more powerful technology deployed. We are excited to known the Andy Pad Pro is going to hit the street soon.

The Andy Pad use a Reistive 860×480 screen. This feature puts many people off. The new Andy Pad Pro is going to upgrade it with a 1024×600 resolution SensaTouch screen. Its disk is also upgraded to 16GB.

The newly Android tablet Andy Pad Pro will be price $291. Below is detailed information about Andy Pad Pro:

We see the Andy Pad and Pro use the same Cortex A8 1.2 Processor. The differences between them are just the screen, storage volume and the Pro added a Bluetooth connectivity.