Solution: Android Camera Can Not Work

Some Android users may encounter the problem that camera can not work after re-install Android OS. The most common situation is that they will see a error of camera function.

Camera (process has stopped unexpectedly.

The application Camera (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

Some of you may think this is caused by re-install Android OS. However, the root cause is that some data in Camera App being damaged. So the solution don’t need you to wipe your phone under recovery mode or reset you Android phone.  While wipe or reset will solve this problem, the shortness is that you will lose all your data on this phone.

The right idea is re-start Android phone to see if the system can auto recover this error. If the problem remains, go to the “setting” page, find “Camera” app and then clear all data. Then re-start you phone and the camera should work now.