5 App Developing Tools for Programing Newbie

Google’s App Inventor Android App is a easy solution to develop a Android App by just drag module to apps. For those who are willing to try to DIY a simple Android app or iOS app, there are many other choices other than Google App Inventor. IT Geeg is here to introduce 5 easy app developing tools for programing newbie.

With the spread of smart phone and apps, more and more enterprises and people are aware of the value of a app. But for the tech concerns, many enterprises didn’t start to develop a app to spread themselves. But it’s now the time to break these concerns because there are many easy developing tools help you create Android apps to start advertising your products to millions Android users.

1. Bizness Apps


Bizness Apps offers a platform to create Android Apps fast. It’s now support iOS ( iPhone & iPad ) and Android. Users don’t need any programming experience. Just select and drag, and you can finish most of developing works.

First, you select the App type. There are many template included many common functions for each type. You just need to add module to complete your developing. Bizness Apps will upload your app to Apple store and Android Market. Bizness Apps charge $39 for each platform. If you choose both iOS and Android, you can save $19.

Bizness Apps company also released other HTML5 Apps developing tools. They also build a QR database to help small business spread their apps.

The simple operation and powerful function with beautiful UI attracted many small business. Since release on October last year, Bizness Apps have build more than 1000 Apps with more than 10 languages and cover more than 20 countries.

2. DevmyApp


You can create and design personal  app after you got this easy iOS developing Tool.

Main features of DevmyApp:

App Share: start system build-in apps like Safari or Call
Animation: create basic Animation
Map view: create a mixed map to locate users place
Scroll text: create scroll text on the screen
Shaking APT: create iDevice operation

All features can be previewed and send via email. You can add notes or comments on app code to help you remember your design intent.

The DevmyApp is a powerful iOS app developing tool. If you want to create great iOS app, DevmyApp is a must.


a). You need a Mac OS computer to use DevmyApp to make iOS app.
b).  Basic understand of coding knowledge is needed if you want to use build-in code.

3. AppsGeyser


AppsGeyser is a very easy developing tool. Surely, it can’t make a “Angry Bird” or “Foursquare”. But AppsGeyser is a perfect solution if you just need to make a simple app based on web content.

Users just get three choice: input a mobile website to generate a app, input HTML code to transform to Android app, drag web page content via tools to make a app.

4. APPMakr


The APPMakr supply a rich function data base for DIY a smart phone app. The APPMakr is now mostly for iOS but is developing Android and WP7 in the near future.

AppMakr developed a algorithm to forecast whether the app will be approve. It can also mark the potential problem and give suggestions. There are about 3700 apps for iPhone developed by AppMakr platform.

5. Mobile Roadie


Mobile Roadie is a developing platform. It integrated YouTube, Brightcove, Flickr, Twitpic, Ustream, Topspin, Google News,RSS, Twitter and Facebook. Users can use it to create iOS or Android apps.  Mobile Roadie even developed a data research tool.

Mobile Roadie have get more than 10 million users and support 16 languages. Mobile Roadie have now entered UK, France, Spanish, Australia, Italy and Germany.

There are surely other app developing tools. For example, SwebApps is developed for artist. The eBook App is a easy e-book developing tool. Hope may be one day, developing app will be as easy as draw a picture on a paper.