CloudOn review: run Microsoft Office on iPad

CloudOn is such an iPad app that let users edit Microsoft Office documents on iPad.  Compared to Onlive Desktop, the CloudOn don’t offer a Windows desktop.  It just provide the function to let users run MS Office software.

Since the iOS differ from Windows, it don’t have a file management function.  How to create, edit or save your file on iOS? The CloudOn provide a smart solution.  It will connect to Dopbox or to save your files on the Cloud server.

After installed the CloudOn app on iPad, it will ask you to connect to Dropbox or account. This picture shows the layout when managing Dropbox folders in CloudOn.

There are three button on the top toolbar of CloudOn. There are stand for “Open File Management”, “Setting” and “Create”. The CloudOn for iPad let you create Word, Excel or PowerPoint document.

I created a new Word document. The interface is the same as Office 2010. CLoudOn provides a virtual keyboard. There are Ctrl, Alt, Shift and other functional button. The only shortage is that the CloudOn don’t support multi language input.

CloudOn will fake the right mouse button function by pressing the screen. Click the top screen, it will show a toolbar to let users do things like sharing with email, etc.

CloudOn can open pictures or most PDF files.

I do think CloudOn uses the same technology that Onlive Desktop uses: run the software on cloud and then output to client screen.

CloudOn is free for download now. But I do think it will have paid edition with more powerful function in the nearly future.  On the help page, I find this words:

At some point in the future, CloudOn may become a time-based service.