Happly review: best tablet browser for kids

In many family, the kids use iPad most of the time. On this wonderful tablet, kids can playing games, reading books or surfing the Internet.

However, contents on the Internet contains many descriptions or pictures which are not suitable for kids. Some adult contents may cause negative effect. Parents should take the responsibility to teach children distinguish information on the Internet.

Maybe a trustworthy app which can filter contents is a good idea.

Now, we get the brand new browser: Happly .  This great product is designed by Brian Monin and his team. Brian Monin once worked for MSNBC, MSN and Office Business.

The Happly can keep kids from reading some adult contents while let them free to get interesting knowledge. It has the squareness layout which is designed particular for tablet.  All colorful pictures are interesting stories. This layout will makes kids very happy. Compared to words, kids are more likely to read pictures.

Children can manage their favorite news in the Happly . In additional, the Happly offers different topics which are all collected for kids. There are topics about animals, astronomy, etc.

Another great idea is the “Message” module. This function is similar to a message wall. Children can write down their ideas or questions in the Message wall when they find an interest story. They can share these messages to their parents or friends. This function makes parents know what their kids likes. It’s also a good idea to improve relationships between kids and their parents.

Meanwhile, the Happly provides an easy account management function. Every kids can register their unique accounts.

Get Happly.