How to flash Motorola Milestone 3

Motorola Milestone 3 ( XT883 ) run on Android 2.3.3. Its TI OMAP4430 dual core CPU with 512MB RAM will makes you want to update to an new Android version. This manual will tell you how to flash Motorola Milestone 3 with RSD.

1. Download RSD Lite 5.6 and install it.

2. Connect  Droid 3 to PC and make sure it has enough battery.

3. Enter the flashing mode.

4. Run RSD 5.6 on your PC

5. Install necessary drivers. ( Motorola Driver Installer 5.1.1 or over)

6. Click the button “…” in RSD. Select XML or ZIP ROM. Then click “Start”.

7. You can select the ROM and click “Uncompress And Start Flashing” to start flashing if you use a zipped ROM.

8. Restart your phone and WIPE after flashing finished.

9. If your phone can not enter the system or restart constantly after flashing, please WIPE your phone again.

NOTE: Make sure you have know the risk before take action.