Partly Cloudy: Weather Forecast on iPhone

Partly Cloudy is a weather forecast app for iPhone. It is brought by Raureif GmbH from Germany.  The app can run on  iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Partly Cloudy can tell you the weather for the next week. It also provides information about temperature, wind power, amount of precipitation, minimum temperature or maximum temperature. Users can add cities to get weather data. Partly Cloudy get data from Norwegian Meteorological Institute and

The most attractive feature of Partly Cloudy is the great UI. They uses a beautiful clock interface to show you the information. This interface is designed by the team which also build Virtual Water and EcoChallenge. The font and layout is designed by Ludwig Übele.  The result will show in a fresh design.

The Partly Cloudy is easy to use. You just need to turn the indicator on the screen and it will tell you the weather forecast.

Partly Cloudy is now selling for $1.99. You can get it here. Enjoy~