Speculate iPhone 5 Design Based on Leaked iPhone5 Cases

There are rumors about iPhone 5 release date. And some website even revealed iPhone 5 picture preview. Can we believe these news? From the experience about iPhone4 and iPad 2 release, we can speculate the iPhone 5 appearance from the iPhone5 cases selling on website. Suppose the iPhone5 cases are real, we can get data show as below.

iPhone5 Cases

Smooth corner design

We have see iPhone 5 cases on Sofiz. This website released colorful  TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane) iPhone5 cases.  Based on the cases design, we can learn that iPhone5 will be bigger than iPhone4. And it will use smooth corner design.

Mute switch moved to right side

The Mute switch moved from the left side to the right side. Volume button is still placed on the left side. The camera place retain the same. Though Apple advocate Micro USB usage, but the iPhone 5 cases suggested their will use special port still.  www.itgeeg.com

iPhone5 Cases

Screen size should be more than 4 inch

The are rumors say iPhone 5 will use bigger screen. If the iPhone5 cases is real, these rumors will become truth as the size of these cases is much bigger than iPhone 4’s. The bigger size is believed to keep for bigger screen. The iPhone 5 is 0.45×0.6 cm bigger than iPhone 4. And it is 0.2cm thinner.

iPhone 5 size

As all these guess are not confirmed by Apple’s official announcement, these cases may be designed for other devices, like iPod Touch. The smooth corner is very like iPod Touch.