How to Use BlackBerry Theme Builder Create Dynamic Effect

I once introduced how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio create themes. Today, I ‘d like to share my experience on create a dynamic calender effect.

As you have know, there are Composer and Theme Builder two tools. Composer is used to edit SVG template. SVG file can be edited by notepad in the later period.

First, you should create a new theme. If you don’t know how to create one, you should learn it here. You should check the ‘Today Area’. We can set calendar number, font type and color.

Then you will see a calendar in Theme Builder simulator. There is no ‘toady’ displayed like OS4.5.

Then you open ‘Composer’. Select the corresponding model. There is a icon in the left tool bar.

Click it to create a icon in the stage. This tool is used to create a new app. Then you can see this app in the right “Inspector” window. If there is no “Inspector” window, you can use ctrl+4.

Composer has many powerful functions. But I don’t want to introduce much here. We then set this Application as calendar.

The last step is to zoom icon to a suitable size.

Then, export the SVG file.

After exported, you can import it into Theme Builder.

Then you will see a dynamic calendar effect.