Apple Devices Use 45% Audio/Video Streaming in North America

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Apple Devices

Sandvine, a top provider of intelligent broadband network solutions, released a biannual Internet traffic trends report. In this report, Apple made up 45% of streaming video.

This report is entitled “Global Internet Phenomena Report 1H2013”. The data are from Sandvine’s 200-plus service provider customers in all over of the world. These customers including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as Asia-Pacific.

The report notes that “Apple devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods, AppleTVs, and Macs) represent 45% of all audio and video streaming on North American home networks.”

Another finding in this report is that YouTube takes more than 20% of mobile data usage. And the Netflix’s data flow increased more than 200% in the last 12 months.

Skype and other communications applications represent over 7% of traffic in Latin America. However,iOS games’s is not shown in this report. But as a large amount of free iphone games asumes large data traffic, iOS games should also contribute to the total data flow.