Google Play Games is Coming

In order to compete with Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone, a Google-built alternative is being developed. For the past few weeks everyone has been sure that we were going to see some sort of Google Game Center for Android devices in the very near future, likely at Google I/O.

The new service will be called Google Play Games. It will support Synced Game Saves, Achievements, Scoring and Leaderboards. The Play Games uses a game console as its app icon.

Google Play Games

 This news is confirmed by the new Google Play Services apk v3.1.36, which is very slowly rolling out to devices right now. In this new app, users can see the Play Games setting. After analyzed the source code, Google Police announced the Play Games will connect to Google+. Users can share games information to specific circles in Google+.

play games

Google I/O is coming soon. The Play Games is very likely to release on this conference. For those game players, this will be a good news if you want to keep playing your favourite Casino games wherever you are.