Google Release Two Chrome OS Notebook

On I/O developer annual meeting, Google’s vice-president of Chrome department, Sundar Pichai, announced that google will put two chrome OS notebook on sale at 15,June. This new notebook is called ‘Chromebook’.

Samsung and Accer produce these two notebooks. Both of them will use Intel Atom dual core CPU. Power supply can support 8.5 hours and 6 hours. Samsung use a 12.1 inch screen. The price is over $429. Accer adopted 11.6 inch screen and will sell it at a price over $399. These two notebooks will both available on Bestbuy and Amazon at 16,June. Spain, French, United Kindom, Holand, Detuch and Italy are among the first countries whoes people can start purchasing Chromebook at 16,June.

Sundar Pichai said Chromebook is designed for people who love to surf the Internet. This new notebook can start up in 8 seconds. You can run all you applications in seconds by Chrome Sync. Chromebook let you access the Internet anywhere and anytime through Wi-Fi or 3G.

Chromebook base on cloudy technology. It’s show-off allege any things can save on the Internet which will make no needs on anti-virus or update. OS statement will stay the latest. Chromeook used many safty strategies to help you offense spy and hacks.

Sundar Pichai said, users will see the same content, which are showed before them close their Chromebook last time, on any Chromebook under the same account.

Google publish Cr-48 notebook last year. But it doesn’t sell it to common customers. Google tested this notebook amoung small group people.

More details about Chromebook, you can find information here.