Hanwang win the onership of trademark ‘TouchPad’ in China

According to a bulletin from Trademark Office of The State Administration For Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Hanwang Technology has won the ownership of trademark ‘TouchPad’ in China for 10 years. Anonymity manufacturer has demur on this result.

Information from the Trademark Office shows that Hanwang’s applying for trademark ‘TouchPad’ has been approved elementary on 27,Jan 2011. On 28, April, Hanwang won this trademark. Its period of validity will be 28, April to 27, April 2021.

However, anonymity manufacturer has demur on this result. Public information shows there are two demurrer from 31,March and 3,May. Analysers thinks the manufacture should be HP.

HP released its new tablet PC called TouchPad on WebOS annual meeting this Feb. Then, it applied trademark ‘HP Touchpad’. But this trademark hasn’t become effective.

Since Hanwang’s TouchPad has the same name with HP’s tablet PC, the ownership of ‘TouchPad’ trademark attracts many attention.

A interest thing is that HP has submit application on trademark ‘HP Touchpad’ and ‘Touchpad HP’. Both are under review. Because of the fact on trademark, sales of HP Touchpad in China will be affected. Before this, HP once annouced its Touchpad will land Chinese market.

Analysers thinks that there is a possiblility that HP will purchase the trademark from Hanwang. There is a former example that Apple bought ‘i-phone’ from Hanwang.