Just a while ago, there was a sea of smartphones, laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets engulfing mobile computing customers. But it seemed that certain buyers were still not satiated and craved for even more. The outcome: hybrid computers – devices that seamlessly blend the features of tablets with those of ultrabooks. And the newest to join […]

Do you like the slender body and the lightweight of a portfolio carrying case? If you had like it so much back then when you used to carry it while seeking a job then with no doubt you will definitely love HP Folio 13-1020US 13.3-Inch Ultrabook. Weighing below 4 lbs. with a dimension which measures […]

There are some special ideas emerge every year. Some of these may not attract most people, but there are geek’s favorite. We selected Kindle Fire, Veer and Lumia 800 as 2011’s special top 3 gadgets. Let have a look at them. Kindle Fire: services come first Kindle Fire has, no doubt, became the most worthy tablet except iPad2. […]

On Friday, HP announced that it would release the webOS technology to the open-source community. However, HP didn’t reveal any new product or hardware partner information. August 19, HP announced that they will kill its WebOS. After months contemplating, HP CEO Meg Whitman decided to continue webOS. But HP is going to refer to Android’s model to release webOS to the […

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Would you want to ‘jailbreak’ your TouchPad? Novacom should be pre-installed. Some users may find they can not click “next” in the Novacom interface when they are going to connect HP Touchpad with USB cable. This problem is always caused by a bug in the Novacom installer package. Enter the task management and you will […]

Since HP announced to discontinue WebOS  operation last few days, there are concerns about WebOS will die. For this reason, some people don’t willing to purchase an on sale HP TouchPad, HP Veer or HP Pre 3 cell phone as the two are based on WebOS system. So will HP let WebOS die? There are phenomenons suggest WebOS is […]

August 19, HP announced that they will kill its WebOS operation. This decision will affect their TouchPad tablet and smartphone. Less than two years after it acquired Palm, HP released its webOS based smartphone HP Veer, HP Pre3 and tablet TouchPad on “Think Beyond” this February. We can learn from their strategy that HP managers […]

According to a bulletin from Trademark Office of The State Administration For Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Hanwang Technology has won the ownership of trademark ‘TouchPad’ in China for 10 years. Anonymity manufacturer has demur on this result. Information from the Trademark Office shows that Hanwang’s applying for trademark ‘TouchPad&