Kyocera Echo ( KSP8000 ) review: magic feeling by dual touchscreen

Japan-based Kyocera Corporation, which once withdrew from the Chinese mobile phone market due to operating pressure, will launch China Telecom-customized 3G smart phone. We got the dual touchscreen cell phone KSP8000 for a brief review.

Appearance and Specification

KSP8000  uses two TFT LCD screen with WVGA (800 x 480 resolution). Two screen can be switched between three mode: single screen mode, tablet mode and simul-task mode.

Compared to Nokia N97 and E7, the bracket on KSP8000 provides a more smooth feeling. Open the screen and it will auto unlocked without sliding.

The thickness is 17.2mm, which is close to Motorola RAZR or Meizu MX. The weight is 193 gram.  But most Japan users are likely to put their cell phone in bag, so the size and weight is unacceptable.

The KSP8000 will use 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB RAM, 8GB microSD card. This spec support fluent work when running under single screen mode. But it seems some week when running under simul-task mode.

Character & Optimization for Double screen

When you are using the dual screen mode, the virtual keyboard of KSP8000 will show on one screen while content uses another screen.

The most fancy function is that you can use the two screen for different tasks. For example, you can browser Yahoo on one screen while SMS on the other screen.

Kyocera released a dedicated app store for Echo. Many apps are optimized for dual screen.


Some people thinks the single core 1GHz CPU and Adreno 200 GPU is not powerful enough when we running under simul task mode. The KSP8000 only get 2189 in Antutu  when we running under simul-task. In contract, Motorola XT910 get 6023 and Nexus S get 2949.