How to arrange apps on screen

How to quickly start a app? In iOS or Android, to sort apps in to different categories with unique folder is a simple solution. But it’s not enough. By good arrangement, you can find apps easier. How to organize apps? Here I give you some suggestions.

The Brooksreview proposed a solution for iOS users:

  • First Screen: contains only the most used apps, never any folders.
  • Second Screen: some often uses apps and everything else in folders.
  • Other Screen: test apps and download apps
  • Dock: apps that I want to be able to access immediately, place apps like SMS, email, etc.

Based on this idea, Broook also shared his example:


But I think for those people, whose palm is relatively small, the most important apps should be placed on the bottom for easier click.

How about Android users?

You can refer to Brooksreview’s idea. Or you can use the idea from  Launch-X. He placed frequently-used apps in one Widget and place it on the homescreen. He also suggest to create multiple widgets to contain apps. It will look like this: