Apple iPad mini rumor round ups

If rumors could create something, we’d all have our hands on the Apple iPad mini by now! The mills have been grinding for so long that the world is hot with anticipation for the small sized treat from Apple.

It makes sense for Apple to think of creating smaller that packs in all the technology and creativity that the company is famous for. So we have sorted through the rumors and here’s what we know.

We think that the 143.67 mm wide, 7.2 mm thick and 213.36 mm tall iPad mini should be out some time in October or at least before Christmas. We think it will boast of a 7 to 8” screen, with a 1,024X768 resolution, allowing you to work with the same apps you’ve been using all along. If you liked the retina display- a screen with pixels so tightly packed you can’t see them at all- the company offers even now, then you’ll be happy to note that you’ll find it here too-you’ll probably see some Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide panels for that sharp and bright picture quality that you will definitely like. IGZO is meant for really slim devices and is better than the iPad, offering a 330 ppi as opposed to a 264ppi.

But the retina display has not been confirmed or denied, so don’t get your hopes up!

We have heard of the cost of the iPad mini and that it won’t be too expensive, maybe even less than the other players in the niche and certainly lower than the other gadgets of the company. So you’re looking at a cost of under $300 dollars, quite comfortably. What’s helping Apple keep the costs down? The internal storage is similar to other players on the market, like the Kindle Fire, at 8GB. Yes, that’s not much but it’s not bad either.

There should be 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the very efficient LTE which is optional. Obviously the LTE version will cost more but Apple will be looking to get many telecom players onboard to partner the company on LTE.The net is abuzz with news that there’s no rear camera on this piece. But we don’t think this is true. Most probably there will be the regular two cameras, though we can’t say for sure what the megapixel count will be.

There’s also talk that there will be a thinner connector to plug the device to a power socket, and this could be a move that we might see across all Apple devices. A sleeker connector means even better looks for sure and will, maybe, help keep costs down.

From the dimensions we know that the mini will be significantly smaller than even the latest version of the iPad but you’re going to see software in the form of a dual core A5X chip which saves significantly in terms of power. All this will run on a lithium polymer 42.5 watt battery that is rechargeable and offers up to 10 to 12 hours of performance.

There’s so much going for the iPad mini that we wish the company would just hurry up and give us some definite details already!

This is a guest post by Lance Goodman of, a site that offers savings and current information on dish TV packages.