NFC keyboard TK-FNS040BK is far from perfect

Before the NFC become the standard configuration for mobile payment, it is more likely that mobile accessaries become the biggest user of NFC tech. This technology helps user simplify the serching and matching process which Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have. Nokia has revealed a series of NFC-Bluetooth headset or loudspeaker box. Moto also released their NFC bluetooth headset.

Now Japanese company Elecom work with One2Touch to released the first NFC mobile keyboad TK-FNS040BK.  This mobile keyboard is in rectangle size and the middle part is uses to place your mobile phone. The NFC connection also relies on the middle area.

This keyboard uses silicone rubber material with a build in cell which can support about 6 monthes power supply. This keyboard is water resistant and foldable. The manufacture one2Touch wrote in its official manul book that this keyboard has two different mode: power saving mode and action mode.

The keyboad is only available for Android phones now. Elecom announced this keyboard don’t need matching. But according to FAQ on  one2TOUCH, NFC keyboard is only available after installed an app from Ggooel Play. There are some configuration for the first installation.

According to NFCWorld news, one2TOUCH and Elecom signed a $2,000,000 contract. Elecom will distribute the keyboard in eight countries in the far east. But now, Elecom is only shipping this product to Japan. One2touch is now also in discussions with major handset manufacturers about bringing the product to Europe and the US, VP of business development Helge Vindenes told NFC World.