Paper USB: Impress Your Customers with Business Card

Though many people have choose cloud storage as their first choice and send email has become more and more popular in transfer documents, USB Drive still plays important role in today’s business. Except for those environment when network is not available, in some business situation, you may need to send documents by USB drive because you don’t even have your potential customers’ email address.

Some company will use custom made USB drive, which contains company or products introduction, as gift on trade show or other business  occasion.  But this solution is not fascinating and it is always more expensive than distribute paper presentation.

How to make this process more exciting? We got another solution: Paper USB.

Just like the picture above, the paper USB drive can be attached to your business card. You can then use it like a USB drive by tearing down the card and inserting it into computer. With a special reader, you can even use the USB storage without  tear down it.

Since this idea is to make a thin and cheap solution, the storage space is limited. The storage will between 8-32Mb. This space should be enough for most business purpose.

This new product is called intelliPaper and now raise start money on Indiegogo. Any user who donate more than $20 can get one intelliPaper greeting card and a reader/programmer. Though this new product is not so cheap now, the business card with USB drive will be very cool.  The price for a paper USB will slowly goes down when more people getting into this market.