Amazon Release Kindle Cloud Reader

Recently, Apple added some restricts on it iOS User Agreement. Some people thinks there will be some giant quit Apple store. But Apple did some compromise. Apple just restrict some publisher like Amazon can not link to their own market from Apple App store. This rule makes user can just access e-books from Apple App Store. So this will guarantee 30% profit for Apple. Amazon announced to cooperate with Apple. But they are also looking for solution to replace Apple.

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon released Kindle Cloud Reader today. This is a HTML5 based Web app. It allows users connecting to Amazon book store, download from Amazon Cloud or read off line. Amazon indicated that this new Web Kindle eBook reader will support Chrome and Safari. This means users can run it on PC, Mac, Linux or even Chromebooks. Certainly, iPad is also included. And Amazon did some optimization for iPad. So they don’t need to share with Apple.

Since Amazon did some change on iPad, this new app can run perfect on iPad. Users can change from bookstore convenience. But now this web app can not run on iPhone. Amazon is trying hard to offer a solution on iPhone.

There are now no too many Kindle eBook on cloud. But this is not a big problem.

Weeks before, when the Apple published its new restrict, Kobo also released its HTML5 app. But Amazon and Barnes & Noble stay quiet. Now we know they are actually making efforts.