15 Apps are Being Killed by iOS 5

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The iOS 5 added rich functions include Notification Center, Reminders, iMessage and Cards. These functions is believed to kill some popular third party apps in iOS. Let we talk about some apps is going to die with iOS5.

Find My Friends kills GPS Tracking

The “Find My Friends” function will kill GPS Tracking, which allow users scan friends’ information on map.

Postagram is dying with Apple’s “Cards”

Postagram allows users to turn their picture to entity. This was a very famous app. But it is going to die with the release of Apple’s Cards. Apple once recommended this app to their users. www.itgeeg.com

Apple imitate Week Calendar


The new calendar in iOS 5 is very like Week Calendar. calendar app lets you turn your device sideways.The Week Calendar is now sell for $1.99.

Location based remind apps will disappear

Cues is one of these apps which will send you remind based on your location. It sell at a price of $1.99. But iOS5 will add this function.

See good bye to Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is a free app. But Siri seems more powerful.

WhatsApp will be beat by iMessage


WhatsApp, which likes BBM, is the most popular iPhone message app. It let users contact with friends anytime. But iOS5 add a iMessage which also offer this function.



Boxcar help you manage all notes. But the message management center will meet the basic requirements.


LockInfo is a jailbreak app under Cydia. It can show a calendar when iPhone stand by. But iOS 5 improved the screen lock function which will be a big competitor to LockInfo.

Instapaper & Read It Later

Instapaper let us save online data to local. It can even reject online ads. But iOS5 added a Reading List function which offer the same function Instapaper supply.

10. Wi-Fi Sync is the best wireless syncing solution for jailbreakers

The Wi-Fi Sync let you sync with your computer. But Wi-Fi Sync is selling to $9.99. However, iOS 5 offer a free solution.

Notificant, Notified, Remember The Milk


Reminders from iOS 5 will replace most third party notifier like Notificant, Notified or remember The Milk.

Photoshop Express and other picture editor

The photograph app in iOS 5 can do most basic editing. It will kill many simple picture editor.


SnapTap sell at $1 in Cydia’s app store. But iOS 5 will kill it thorough.

Google Sync

Google Sync was purchased with MobileMe at a price of $99.99 per year. Now Apple published free iCloud to replace Google Sync.

Third party web browser


There are many third party web browser in iPhone just added a tab function. But in iOS5, the Safari will support this feature.