How To Change The Apple ID On Your iPod Touch/iPhone

If you happen to have one of the most famous Apple mobile products of our time, like iPod Touch, iPhone or an iPad, then you are obviously familiar with the App Store and most likely have installed apps on your Apple device from there. App Store requires an Apple ID for logging in and further usage and usually assigned to the email ID you originally used to sign up for them.

Why would one want to change their Apple ID?

All the Apple App Stores are not treated equally, no jokes intended here as it is exactly true when it comes to multinational App Stores which often have different sets of rules and guidelines that control the availability of certain sets of apps. Now consider the following scenario. You just came across a beautifully designed iOS app that is also great in terms of productivity and you want to install it on your device. Now you fire up App Store on your Apple device only to find out that the app is not available there! Before you start to curse your country’s App Store’s specific set of rules, there is still one thing you can do to bypass the limitations. And this one involves using a new Apple ID.

How to change the Apple ID on your iDevice?

Fortunately, using different Apple IDs on a single iOS based device is not at all complicated. Just follow the steps describe here.

1. Just open App Store on your device to check which Apple ID you are using at present to purchase apps from the store. If you are aware of this ID then you can easily skip this step to directly go to step 2.

2. Press the home button on your device and open ‘Settings’ by tapping the icon. Navigate to the ‘Store’ and tap to open. If you are already signed in, then you will notice two options in there – view Apple ID and Sign Out. As you are going to use a new Apple ID instead of the existing one, tap on Sign Out.

3. Now the screen will show two options again – Sign In and Create New Apple ID. Now you can actually go on creating your new Apple ID from here using an email address and a password. You have to select the specific country option for App Store in which your desired app is available for purchase. This is the single most important part of creating the new ID that will work for you.

Now if you are in front of your computer and want to change or create a new one or the change your existing Apple ID associated with iTunes and your iOS device, then follow these steps.

1. Open iTunes. Click on Store on the menu bar and click on view my account. You can view your current country settings from the page.

2. Now head to for your Apple ID management. It also has an option for creating a new Apple ID which is fairly easy as you need to put relevant information, your email ID which is different from your existing Apple ID and the desired country setting.

You should not be having any problems in changing your Apple ID if you have followed the given steps properly. Share with us if you had to change your Apple ID for some reasons in the comment section.

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